ETS2 Mods: Naturalux V1.2 [1.38.x]

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More than 250 sky textures in resolutions from 8 to 16K to make the sky clear and not blurry or pixelated
Each texture of the sky comes with individual a realistic picture of what is currently possible within game limitations.
Improved and realistic cloud shadows
Realistic images of the sun (including non-standard glare)
Improved skybox model (seamless textures)
Improved alpha channels for realistic cloud masking (the sun no longer shines through clouds)
Improved visual effects in rainy weather (new rain bands, no bright sun in a cloudy sky, fog, rainbows, changes in rain intensity)
Realistic and soft color settings

Please note that this mod is supported to ETS2 1.38, so please check your game version before downloading this Euro Truck Simulator 2 mod.

New sound effects (rain and thunder)
Some improved ground textures
More realistic visual effects
Improved particles
Improved and more realistic night
Realistic images of the moon

1 – NL-ETS2-MM-BASE.scs
2 – NL-ETS2-MM-MODEL1.scs
3 – NL-ETS2-MM-MODEL2.scs
4 – NL-ETS2-MM-MODEL3.scs
5 – NL-ETS2-MM-MODEL4.scs
6 – FIX_SKY..scs

Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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