ETS2 Trucks – Scania Next Gen-ReMoled V1.8.5 (1.37.x)

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Version 1.8.5 Changelog:
– New fix of lampmask on kelsa chassisbar bumpers
– Bugs fixed from previous version
– Deleted files don’t match with 1.37

In this pack you will find:
Aero Slots – All combos
BakBar – High and low mounts all variants EXCEPT 8×4 this is intentional .
AirBar – 4 options
Mirrors – All now have slots
8×4 Painted Tower Step
Yellow Lens Options to High,Mid,Head and Foglights with yellow output and flares.
Blue Lens Options to High,Mid,Head and Foglights with blue output and flares.
Added Yellow Lazers
Added Blue Lazers
Added Kelsa ChassisBar – Chrome & Paint
Added Kelsa BeaconBar – Chrome & Paint for Obels Ecco Beacons
Added Chrome & Paint Mirrors
Added Chrome & Paint Doorhandle
Added 4 Aircon units to beacons
Added Headlight eyebrows – Black,Chrome and paint to all headlights
Added working yellow & blue Fog lights to bumpers
Added blinker option to 50k Lollipops
More Doorhandles

Thats your lot for now

Can you add XYZ – If I will use it maybe
Can you make it work with other trucks – Nope NG Only
Will this go on the workshop – NO I despise the uploader and the feelings mutual .

Fashionably late to the party , Thats me lol . As much as I’m a fan of RJL’s Scania the SCS
knocked me for six I adore the thing and I have sat on my hands until I couldn’t anymore and decided it needed some attention . So with a handful of parts we have ReMoled Next Gen
using reworks of some classic ReMoled parts retooled for 1.32 and tweaked for the Next Gen .

So far it contains:
Aero Slots for 6x , 4x and 8x chassis on both High and low cabs where applicable
5th Wheel cover slots for 6x,4x,8x chassis with 4 options of cover
Kelsa Multibar Xl in Chrome and Paint
Kelsa LoBar SL9&SL12 combo bar
Lazer Evo LED lights
A host of small light and small light strobes by Mohegan
A selection of lights and accessory options from Remoled 12.2

Download this mod in order to use Scania Next Gen-ReMoled: (42.8 MB)

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Download LINK 2 (


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