Mercedes Benz AeroDynamic Concept v 1.1

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Mercedes Benz AeroDynamic Trailer Concept v 1.1



– JUST in Ownable Trailer
– Nice and LowPoly Model
– Full AO (2K)
– A lot of Accessory
– Custom Banners
– 2 Variant with Combo Skin (Scania, Mercedes)
– Trailer Cables
– Coopling and DeCoopling Animation (Brace)
– Correct COLL (with Advanced Coopling)
– LowPoly Shadow
– No FPS Drop
– Clean Log

Adapted for 1.36


Animation, Convert: Amir Mahdavi
3D Model, Texture & Def: SCS Software, Amir Mahdavi
Paintjob: Sagittariusjr, Amir Mahdavi
Tester: Mehdi Anti, Sagittariusjr
Refrence: Official image, squir, jekich1

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