YKSRSK Map Edited Rel V2.0 for (ETS2 1.37)

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YKSRSK Map Edited Rel V2.0 for (ETS2 1.37)

Redesigned map of Turkey YKS
Adapted for Road to Black Sea

In the process of developing the map was changed to 90%
Work has been done on materials for sidewalks, grass, streets, etc.
Fixed empty sectors

Files from the original YKS are not needed!
No ferry service required for ROEX or the southern region, all included in YKSRSK
No road connection between ROEX and YKSRSK is needed

Added a road connection to the Southern region 8.0 Beta to the archive.


YKS TEAM, Arayas, Vladimir1959

Download LINK 1 (Sharemods.com)


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