Railway Delivery Map v 1.1

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Railway Delivery Map v 1.1


About the map:
– 2 garages (closed)
– 1 refueling trailer
– 7 intelligence points
– 2 sawmills (both have cars and manual loading (from a goat), on one of them
heaps of short and medium logs lie, we load them mtz.

– 4 sawmills (one needs to deliver a special load, it has the Zavsklad truck)
– 3 starting cars – take any – all-wheel drive.Plot:
You start at the station … Your task is to find the train, fill it with KamAZ with a trailer, open the garage
and to bring the decommissioned tractors to the village, of course, not just like that: with a loader I sawed at the edge of the map – load (you can not carry it if you drive with a manipulator or automatically load), the second is needed to open the garage, its trailer is at the terminal station.

We open the railway garage as follows:
1. We deliver the passenger car to the garage (the car is initially driven to the garage on a winch)
2. We move away from it and unhook the trailer with tractors so that it would be possible to call in to the passage. wagon and hook it.
3. Open the garage.

And then the Chief tells you:
“Autumn is in the yard, we must urgently bring food to the village, while there is still access to it – it’s going to fall
snow and trucks will not be able to pass, the terrain is mountainous, they will slip on the ups! The villagers wrote a complaint to the mayor of the city and if we do not deliver the food on time with me and accordingly you will have big problems. ”

~ As we know, in our villages besides pumpkins they don’t know how to grow anything …

To do this, you will need to take ks-4561 from the parking lot, come to the platform (where there are three “wagon” loads)
and load them onto the train. Take the train with cargo to the village station, and then drive there ks-4561.
At that station there is KAMAZ 4310 (board. The platform closes) – on it you need to deliver the goods to the final destination (village) – alone 3 walks.
For unloading, take another ks-4561 in the village and take it to the sawmill (where the Zavsklad truck stands).
After delivery and unloading of the cargo, NEXT with Zavsklad we transfer to it, go into functions, load and then unload at the sawmill.

Everything else is traditional: open a garage and intelligence points, deliver logs.
To work!

~ Map installation:
You can install as usual.

~ To save space:
1. Move the downloaded archive to the folder where the exe file is located, well, or your Media folders (where you put all the mods),
who knows will understand.
2. After in the Config.xml file, copy and paste the line (MediaPath Path = “Media.zip” /) and get two such lines, in one of them we write karta instead of Media, it will turn out (MediaPath Path = “karta.zip” /)
3. Save and ready.

! Map weight due to add. objects, the presence of mod cars and railway.
! On the train in turns, ups and downs, be careful !!!
! A longer load than usual, maps at startup – this is normal.
! Multiplayer works.

~ I want to thank the authors for the work used:
– pokemone (MTZ 82 Syria tractor)

– Shashok75 (trailer from the map “Base 6”)
– Author of 3D model Maxim Pioneer;
Author chekhrak mod (Truck crane KS-4561)

– Psix19rus, SERJ.46, Anton_23_, Dmitry Shuleyko (dmitriy1815), etc., for objects and plants
– BloodRage (soil).
I am very grateful to all authors of models and mods!

Version 1.1 for Spintires: MudRunner (v10.06.19):
Various edits, corrections of noticed bugs.



Download LINK 1 (Sharemods.com)

Download LINK 2 (Modsbase.com)


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